Sweet Appetite


With the masterclass in Weddingcakes taught by Peggy Porschen for Sweet Appetite approaching, why not let a student of Peggy tell you how wonderful it is to learn from Europe’s most talented and skilled cake decorator and pastry chef. Ofcourse I can go on and on about my experiences in London (and trust me I can..) but they’re is someone else who can share her delight of joining a class from Peggy.
Someone who is a very talented lady herself and keeps the sweetest blog!
You probably know her already yourself.. Meet Marian, author of Sweetopia

Sweetopia is Marian’s sweet, cute, wonderful place on the internet that teaches and inspires lot’s and lot’s of cake decorators all over the world! It’s about everything relating to sugarcraft and a love of pink 🙂

In november 2009 Marian enrolled in the Masterclass Wedding Cakes, that Peggy Porschen taught at the Bonnie Gordon School in Canada. She, just like I did, enjoyed Peggy’s class: “It’s wonderful that you’ll be hosting Peggy’s class – as you already know, the participants won’t be disappointed.
I can’t tell you how excited I was to be able to not only meet her, but take a 3-day class she was guest instructing at the Bonnie Gordon School.”

Part of the class were lessons in making Peggy’s signature marzipan and sugarpaste roses.

Marian:”Guess what she’s dipping it in? My favorite; disco dust!

To read and see more about Marian’s experiences joining Peggy’s masterclass go to Sweetopia. Be prepared, when you leave for Sweetopia, you won’t go back for a long time!

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