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Bas en Lize; cupcakes!

It has been way to long since I blogged. I’ve got so much to share!

Usually I don’t make a weddingcake for a bride and groom when I’m acquainted with them true friends or family. In the years I’ve had a lot of requests for a “gift wedding cake” and after a while it just became too much. But this weddingcake and cupcakes, I had to make them…

I just couldn’t say no. A little bit because the mother of the groom didn’t let me 🙂 Also because the parents of the groom are very nice and special people. Not to me in particular, but to someone dearest to me; my mother…
They, as in the parents of the groom, are her neighbours. Edward en Froukje have been so sweet to my mother when she was not well, they’re always there when somethings up. They just make the Dutch saying:”It’s better to have a good neighbor then a good friend” true in every way!

Their son was getting married. Froukje, as a proud mother, already told me and we talked a bit about “a” wedding cake. Then, one evening when I was going to have dinner at my mothers and the car was parked… Froukje almost pulled me out of my car saying:”Bas en Lize are here now and we are talking about the wedding(cake…..). A few days later Lize called me and we set up a designing meeting. Yes, I made their cake 🙂

Lize was great working with. She had a complete image of her wedding day. She showed me her dress on a video and she had a definite color scheme; white, lilac, pink and purple!

Lize wanted a fresh, modern, colourful, romantic design. We decided on a small cutting cake and cupcakes. Which I loved preparing ofcourse after taking the masterclass in Cupcakes and Fondant Fancies at the Peggy Porschen cake studios in London!
The flowers were all arranged by the Westerbouwing. I just loved them!

When I get the picture of Lize and Bas cutting the cake I will ofcourse share it with you. For now, they are enjoying their honeymoon. And I wish them all the sunshine they want on this, because oh deer, did it rain on their weddingday!!
Bas and Lize, I wish you luck, love and happiness! Thank you for letting me be part of your wedding day!

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2 thoughts on “Bas en Lize; cupcakes!

  1. mijn complimenten!!!! erg mooi. Zou ook graag aan de cupcakes willen maar onze klanten gaan voor veilig, soms iets anders maar nooit voor cupcakes.En inderdaad…blog wat meer alsjeblieft ;)groetjeskatja

  2. Hey Marieke, heb je mijn foto's nog gekregen?Wij zijn in ieder geval erg blij geweest met jou foto's ik heb ze van je site gekopieert en besteld, je kan echt mooi foto's maken!Ik ben benieuwd of je ze er nog op zet ;-)Ps: Bob leest dit toch niet, zou je voor ons op valentijns dag 2 van onze cupcakejes willen maken? Dan kunnen we er zelf ook eens van proeven, wel benieuwd naar!

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